API Documentation (beta)

What data does DomainStats currently have?

Domainstats is crawling the home page and the internal pages linked from the home page of all the important domains names on the internet (32 million domains right now). More than a billion dofollow backlinks exist in the database (cassandra server cluster).


You are not logged in. You can test the api with the secret_token test. Register a free account on this page to raise your limits.

Limits and costs

When using the test secret_token the limit is currently 10 credits per hour.

Please see our pricing page for details about the other higher limits.

Calls which don't return data costs 1 credit.

You are not allowed to use several accounts/API keys at the same time.


Please give correct attribution if you publicly display numbers from this API.

The domain_lookup call


Cost: 1 credit. (the domain is free)

Displays all data collected for a domain.

Few notes:

domain_marked_as_adultValue of true means that the site probably has adult content. Value false means either no data or that it could be free from adult content.
domain_countryFor .se domains this will display se for Sweden. For generic top level domains such as .nu or .com Domainstats will determine the country based on factors such as country of the IP of the website, language of the website and country information from Alexa. If there are insufficcient data to determine the country false will be returned.
ip_blacklists_times_listedGo to to see which blacklists is being checked.
crawl_time_to_fetchThe time in seconds it took to retrieve the home page from Germany including following any redirects.
homepage_linking_to_domainsTo save database space the following often linked domains are not included:,,,,,, and a list of others.
homepage_urlThe most linked to URL of the home page based on top pages data from Ahrefs. With or without the subdomain www and with or without the https protocol. Might not be what is currently used as homepage URL for the website.
alexa_countryWe save the country with the most % of the page views.
web_filter_blacklistWe are currently using the following categories from blasphemy, racism, contraband, malicious, terrorism, weapons, porn, blogspot-x, cp, cryptojack. If you encounted a value with (old) it comes from from june 2017 (the service does not exist anymore).
domain_idFor internal use.

Domainstats cannot calculate the homepage_url without top pages data from Ahrefs and without homepage_url DomainStats cannot fetch data from Moz, Majestic and so forth.

The following field names are all based on the homepage_url:
moz_page_authority, majestic_citationflow, pagerank_of_homepage, domainstats_number_of_spam_flags and google_safe_browsing_not_safe.

Please note that the first SEO metric being collected is the Domain Rating from Ahrefs. If that number is very low then the domain is considered not to have any important backlinks and no further SEO metrics will be collected.

If you request domain data for a domain that is not currently in the database it will cost 1 credit and you will get an error saying that the domain is new and data will be collected. After 30 minutes or so there will be crawl data and some other data about the domain when you request it again (it will cost 1 credit again).

The links_to call


Cost: 5 credits or 1 if less than 10 links are found.

Displays external dofollow links with related data to specified domain name. Currently limited to the first 1000 and maximum 3 from each domain. Grouped by url_to.

The links_from call


Cost: 3 credits or 1 if less than 10 links are found.

Displays external dofollow links with crawl data from specified domain name. Grouped by url_from.

The lost_links call


Cost: 3 credits or 1 credit if no results are found.

Displays lost links for specified domain name. Show latest 200.

The ip_lookup call


Cost: 1 credit.

Displays data about the IP if existing and a list (maximum 1000) of domains using that IP. The date on the domain signifies when the IP was checked.

For ip_blacklists_times_listed it means the blacklists that are listed here:

The analytics_id_lookup call


Cost: 1 credit.

Displays a list (maximum 1000) of domains using the specified analytics id. The date on the domain signifies the time of crawl.

The adsense_id_lookup call


Cost: 1 credit.

Displays a list (maximum 1000) of domains using the specified adsense id. The date on the domain signifies the time of crawl.

The domainscore call


Cost: 1 credit.

Displays the domainscore of maximum 50 domains.

If sending a single domain you get a recently updated number, otherwise the number could have been calculated up to 30 days ago.

Additional field name information

All field names ending with *_time_checked will always be display a date or false if the data has not been checked.

All dates are displayed as YYYY-MM-DD according to the international date standard (ISO 8601) and using the timezone UTC 0.

All URLs are URL encoded.

If you see the http code 998 in this API it means "blocked by robots.txt".

Public usage of this API

Some examples:

Contact info

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Domainstats and Domainstats API was built by Jim Westergren and is owned by and © Game Lounge Ltd